Recently the foundation met with a local family where a mother of four had invasive breast cancer. She recently had surgery and was recovering before starting chemotherapy treatments. Paula had been gainfully employed as a Behavioral Therapist prior to her cancer diagnosis and her husband worked a full-time job and two part-time jobs to help make ends meet. It was hard work but they were making it and things were good. Due to her cancer treatments, Paula was unable to work for several months and her husband also missed work while accompanying her to her appointments and treatments. This reduced their income significantly.

With your previous support we were able to provide Paula and her family assistance with their mortgage for two months. This assistance allowed them to get ahead and get through the majority of her treatments. It also allowed her husband to return to his regular jobs and resume providing for the family. This is a perfect example of how your donations help us bridge the gap for families in need.

Thank you for making a real difference in the lives of Kansas City families!