10 years of changing lives in Kansas City.


The Pink Laundry 5k started as a grassroots effort to help defray costs of the Vest family’s expenses during Stephanie’s extended stay at the Mayo Clinic. Friends rallied to gather resources to ensure that their household was cared for during this extended absence.

Money collected from the original 5k event went towards utility bills, food, travel expenses and medical bills. These resources allowed Eric and Stephanie to deal with her severe condition, without worrying about finances.

Fast-forward to 2011, the Stephanie Vest Foundation was formed to continue to pay it forward to other local families dealing with similar cancer issues.


Stephanie showed great flair for all things in life, and one of her favorite splurges was a hot pink laundry room that she decorated to celebrate the daily chore of doing laundry. Hence the name of our memorial 5k: The Pink Laundry Run/Walk.

In April 2012, the term Pink Laundry was copyrighted, giving the SV Foundation an official government patent for the name. We think Stephanie would be thrilled to know that her sassy laundry room continues to make people smile.